The Divine Oblivion  

Director – Writer – Producer – Editor

Starring – Carlos Barcenas and Jack Allen

Cinematography – Giulia Bragiotto

As Carlos’ Alzheimer’s disease begins to rapidly deteriorate, he disconnects more and more from realty. This leaves him to contemplate his internal decline of consciousness as he begins to accept his soul merging with the wider universe around him.

Astrall Story (Around Films)

Director – Writer – Cinematographer – Editor

Starring – Sanjeev Shajan

Segment as part of a world record nominated film for the most co-directors in a feature project.

Almost Blue

Director – Writer – Editor

Produced By Andrew Michael

Cinematography – Giulia Bragiotto

Starring – Daniel Goldfinch Betts and Jamie Stewart

A first time prostitute has an unlikely encounter with a first time client.